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Washington DC


Wedding photographer in Washington DC, MD, and VA. Ahmed Rashid specializes in wedding photography, portraits, headshots, events, and engagement photos.

Photography Blog

A wedding and event photography blog by Ahmed Rashid.

Shooting a Ferrari 599 GTO for RM Auctions

Ahmed Rashid

I was recently contacted by a well known automobile auction company, RM Auctions, to photograph a car that would be going to auction soon. After coming to contractual terms, they sent me the owner's information. I had never shot anything for an auction company, so I was very excited for this opportunity. I setup a time to photograph the car at the owner's home and it wasn't until I spoke to the owner that I found out what car I was shooting. When I arrived, this stunning Ferrari 599 GTO was sitting outside. 



The car was an absolute beautiful spec of a Ferrari 599 GTO. I went through my checklist and made sure I had photographed the car at the required angles, both outside and inside. The owner was unable to take the car off his property, so I had to get creative with a few of the shots.


The owner also mentioned his Ferrari collection to me, and was kind enough to share it with me. And man, what a collection! We spoke cars for a bit and he asked for some assistance acquiring another car for his collection so we remain in touch.

This car will be going to auction on June 24th, 2017 in Santa Monica, Ca. Here is the final catalog that contains my images.


More info on the car is available online here:

And my full set of the photoshoot is available here:

Overall, it was a great experience! I got paid to photograph a gorgeous Ferrari, saw an amazing car collection, and made a friend.  I hope to be able to shoot another car for them in the future.

Hasan and Noorien's Wedding

Ahmed Rashid

I put together this slideshow for my friends Hasan and Noorien whose wedding I shot back in February. I've never done a slideshow before and I wanted to do something different. This allows them to easily send a link to their friends/family and it summarizes their wedding day well.

Judging the DC Mist Photography Competition

Ahmed Rashid

I was invited to be a judge for the DC Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (DC MIST) Photography Competition yesterday. DC MIST holds competitions for high schoolers in the DC area covering many different subjects and categories. I was honored to be invited to be 1 of 3 judges for the Photography Competition which was held at The University of Maryland College Park.

The Photography Competition had 72 entries, much more than I thought there would be. I was very impressed by many of the entries. As high schoolers, most of these kids don't have access to fancy and expensive equipment. But many of them submitted fantastic images using the tools at their disposal. We trimmed the competition to 15 finalists, who were all interviewed for 5 minutes to ask them about their work and how it related to this year's theme. I truly enjoyed speaking to the contestants and was blown away by their ideas and thought process behind their work. I was very happy to hear that many of them were taking Photography classes and have access to a Studio as well.

At the end of the day, the judges worked together to identify the top 5 entries. The 15 finalists will find out the results next week at the awards ceremony and be eligible to compete in the National competition. It was a very rewarding experience and I look forward to being a judge next year!

Re-launching Ahmed Rashid Photos!

Ahmed Rashid

After speaking to a consultant, I decided to completely re-do my website and start over. I spent considerable time working with a Google SEO expert to make Ahmed Rashid Photos easier to find on the web. We made some significant changes (some can be seen, some are in the background) and I hope this increases my visibility to those who have photography needs in the DC, MD, and VA areas. I will be much more active in this Photography Blog moving forward. As always, I appreciate any referrals you send my way. And most of all, I appreciate your support!